Skills Agenda


Review Week

  • READING: Author’s Theme, Reread, Fables, Visualization, Theme

  • PHONICS:  r-controlled vowels

  • VOCABULARY:  Root words

  • SPELLING: Review week

  • WRITING: Biography

  • GRAMMAR: Abbreviations and Irregular Verbs

  • MATH: Word Stories, Add and Subtract within 100, Time, Money, Fractions, Skip Counting to 1000, Shapes, and Measurement

SOCIAL STUDIES: Recognize national and historical figures.

Unit 4.2

Important Information:

Please be certain you have completed any paperwork and returned it to me ASAP.

Read with your child nightly for 20 minutes. Refer to the handouts provided to help them with comprehension. Sign reading log daily.  In addition, any center work not completed each week will be sent home on Friday to be completed as homework. 

If your child is going home a different way, please write a note or message me via DoJo. 

Please utilize the Parent Resource Room located in the Green Building. It has resources that will help your child succeed academically. 

Important dates

  • February 26th - Make-up Class Pictures

  • March 2nd - Dr. Seuss Dress-Up Day

  • March 26th - 30th - Spring Break

  • April 12th - S.M.A.R.T. Night 6 pm to 7 pm.

Please send any Boxtops to school with your child. These Boxtops help fund and support our Health Room and provide services to keep your children healthy. YEARBOOKS ARE NOW ON SALE


 Classroom Wish List and Needed Supplies

1. Raffle Prizes                 2.   Monetary Donations

3. Healthy Snacks            4.   Colored Sharpies

Weekly Skills for December 5 - 9, 2016


Phonics - long o: o, oa, ow, oe.  

Comprehension - determining an author’s purpose

 Reading Strategy - asking and answering questions

Grammar - Past and present-tense verbs and letter punctuation




High Frequency Words:

better, group, long, more, only, our, started, three, who, won’t

Vocabulary:  across borrow,  countryside, idea,insists, lonely solution, villages


told light

most         mind

float only

coat our

toast who

grow       mow



Geometry Unit. 

Science/Social Studies:

Christmas around the world. Arctic animals. 

Class Wish List:

Raffle prizes items: candy, toys, pencils. 
Glue sticks, white glue, individual headphones, and dry erase markers.

Weekly Schedule and Testing Days:










Reading Test
Grammar Test
Spelling Test