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Clown Troupe

Pinson Elementary Clown Troupe

Pinson Elementary's Clown Troupe is made up of 2nd graders who love to sing, dance, and perform for others. If you would like us to come perform for your event please contact our sponsors :)

Pinson Elementary Clown Troupe

Pinson Elementary will be holding tryouts for Clown Troupe. This troupe will be learning songs/dances/skits to be performed at festivals, nursing homes, etc. This group is only open to 2nd Graders who have a love for music and like to perform and smile for others. The troupe will meet once a week after school on Tuesdays until 4 pm. You can sign up for Clown Troupe if you are on other teams at our school.

1. Troupe members must attend ALL practices. Unexcused absences may result in dismissal from troupe or loss of solo or part.

2. Troupe members must attend all performances or let Mrs. Gwin know as far in advance as possible if there is a conflict. Parents will be responsible for getting child to performances.

3. Parents will be required to pick up student from practices at exactly 4 pm in front of the school (by the main office). If you are late more than 2 times your child will not be allowed to participate anymore. I must have a written note if your child is to carpool with someone else, otherwise I will only release child to parents. Please use your car signs that are normally used for car pickups.

4. Students must exhibit appropriate behavior. Students who cannot control their behavior during rehearsals will not be allowed to perform with troupe.

5. There is a fee of $15 (non-refundable) to be in Clown Troupe. This fee will cover cost of t-shirt and practice CD’s.

6. The director has the right to make any decisions or changes that are necessary to benefit the choir.

Talk this over with your child. If your child is interested in trying out for this troupe, we will be holding tryouts on October 6thafter school until 4pm. (Every child that tries out will make the troupe, I just like them to experience trying out). At 4, please pick up your children in the front of the school just like regular dismissal. Please send this letter of intent back with fee of $15 in sealed envelope in care of Mrs. Gwin ASAP so we can make sure we keep your child at school on this day. We are very excited about this opportunity!!

If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Becky Gwin – Music Teacher & Missy Presley – Science Teacher

(Please cut off and return with cash or check made out to Pinson Elementary by October 6th in a sealed envelope addressed to Mrs. Gwin). If this is not received by October 6th, your child will not be allowed to stay for tryouts!

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